the karma laundry presents


In Shorts on 11 January 2016 at 9:27 am

It is a cold morning. A coat and hat morning. A short sharp breath morning. Another Poet drops by the coffee shop to contemplate retirement. The words are coming less easy and the dreamed reward of rock and roll poetry groupies never materialised.

There is a woman working there who is, in the ex-poet’s opinion, joyous and lovely. Her eyes shine. After several failures in previous visits, he finally gets a chance to speak with her. It’s cold out. They both agree. Then his glasses begin to steam up. At what point does he admit defeat and take them off? How long does he pretend to ignore? As it happens, too long. Too long.

He goes a bit cross-eyed in an attempt to see round the slowly developing mist. And tongue-tied trying to speak around this minor humiliation.

He thinks: same problem as usual. Poor delivery and no chance of mating.

She thinks: One eye on your coffee. One eye on your change.

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